Official Computer Pirate T-Shirt

Back in November 2016, 4am tweeted

Challenge Accepted!

I thought it would be a good opportunity to improve my Affinity Designer skills, I started by massaging the image into something I could run through potrace. I used that plus new fonts for the text to produce a reasonable copy of the shirt. Then Jason Scott chimes in and calls me on the lazy art and convinces me to redraw the entire thing. Thanks Jason!, you did me a solid there, I’m a much better artist in Affinity now than I was.

Here’s the final art. Yes that’s the Atari Font on an Apple II Pirate T-Shirt, shhh, don’t tell them!

True to his word I sold a couple of the t-shirts, though I never did see any photos of Kansasfest 2017 with the shirt being worn. It’s still available on Redbubble. I’m not expecting to sell any more!