*Unofficial Carts


    These carts don’t exist, or if they do exist they shouldn’t exist, or if they should exist they were never meant to, or if they were meant to they were created by community members for others in the community or in very limited editions.

    Label dimensions 52mm high x 54mm wide.


    These carts were never officially released at all, they have been discovered years later and any show stopping bugs have been fixed. These labels are all created by me and are not in any way official.


    These carts were only officially released on disk or cassette (or on carts with a different label), they have been modified by community members to allow them to be put on cartridges and either released to the community or sold by ‘enterprising’ people. These labels are all created by me and are not in any way official.

    Homebrew Software

    Either released in limited runs, or only released in rom binary form, these carts were made by the community, the labels are all created by me and not in any way official.

    5200 Ports

    Games released on the Atari 5200, converted to work on the Atari 8-bits and released as rom binaries. These labels are all created by me based on the 5200 labels.


    These labels are for the popular community made Multicarts available for the Atari 8-bits. The AVG cart label is official, I made it for the carts’ creator, the others are just because I wanted to make them.

    Joke Carts

    These labels are for joke cart ideas, things not available or even possible, that people have requested I put on a label for some reason.