Welcome to my collection of Atari 8-Bit cartridge labels. These labels are 1200dpi reproductions of real labels; yes they really were this inconsistent. This was back before DTP, templates and style guidelines.

Different publishers had different label styles and sizes, I’ve mentioned the print size above the associated labels.

Clicking on a label image will open the page to the full size image, they are quite large!

Homebrews, Protos, Repros, Conversions... All carts not officially released but programmed/ hacked together by the community.
The original Atari computer carts. These were brown carts with clever closed edge connectors. Styled to look good with the 400/800 series of computers. Label dimensions 52mm high x 54mm wide. Personality/Memory Modules The Atari 800 had four slots for memory and OS boards, there were only three choices; 10KROM, 8KRAM and 16KRAM. The first […]
When Atari finally released the XE game system they went for a new cart shell and a much more graphically elaborate style of label. Again these started as re-releases of old brown and grey cart titles but quickly became original titles. Toward the end of the systems life they were churning out repro’s of old […]
These grey or silver labels appeared toward the end of the life of the 400/800, initially on brown cart shells and then simpler grey carts. Styled to fit the design language of the XL and later the XE series computers. They were initially re-releases of older brown cart titles but soon became original titles. Label […]
Parker Brothers made some great box art and had an interesting cart design, the labels were pretty inconsistent but they do have a certain charm. A lot of effort went into the design of the Frogger label, it’s a shame they didn’t manage to keep it up for the rest. I think the upside down […]
Roklan again, lots of variations in the labels. With these there seems to be two primary types, blue labels with yellow and red art, and yellow labels with blue art. Cart shells seem mostly to have been yellow but there are other colours too.