AVG Cart Label

A little while ago tmp on AtariAge messaged me and asked if I would help him to update the label for his SD card based multicart, the awesome AVG Cart. Far from being “Average”, this cart is the best SD based cart available for the Atari 8-Bit; similar in design to the Ultimate cart, but because of tmp’s dedication to the firmware, it has soundly surpassed the Ultimate’s abilities.

tmp wanted something clean and modern looking, not something reminiscent of the Atari carts of old, I came up with an idea, we discussed the name ‘AVG’ cart and what it means and why it’s there and decided that a small play on the name would be nice.

I provided the technical skills, tmp provided the artistic vision, I chipped in with ideas, and we came up with this.

You can download the label from here (click on the image for a full size version) or the official AVG Cart thread on AtariAge and print it at 60x60mm if you would like to update your own AVG cart.

I couple of weeks later I received an AVG Cart in the mail and a few stickers for my time! Thanks tmp, it was a pleasure working with you!