Mytek over at has been caught by the MIDI bug of late and it has caused all manner of interesting new bits of MIDI hardware for the Atari 8-Bits. One of those devices is the SIO2MIDI, a tiny circuit with MIDI IN/OUT ports that plugs into your SIO port and is MIDIMate compatible, this means it works with MIDIMaze. It’s cheap, simple to make and enables multiplayer gaming, what’s not to like!

Michael asked me if I could design a case for the board to make it a little more rugged. I love all the stuff Michael makes for the community, so of course I said yes. Here is the result of that collaboration. If you would like the STL files head on over to the MIDI page at Ataribits where you can download them for free and get all the details on how to build one.

I’ve now designed an XL styled case for the SIO2MIDI and a Case to house the interface board for the MIDIXELII. If you don’t have a 3d printer and would like one of these you can order one from here.