3D Printing

I have recently got a 3D printer and am learning to design stuff to print, here you will find all those things.

After the 1088XEL and the 1088XLD, Myteks next project has taken a different tack. Originally to be a portable arcade like machine, the design has evolved and now we have the world’s smallest Atari 8bit instead. Based on the Atari XEGS and upgraded with improved graphics output and an extra 512K of memory. This Atari […]
I designed this cart storage module for my limited cart collection, it's handy for sitting next to my computer when playing. I sized the holes just big enough to fit the AVG cart so it will hopefully also fit SIDE 2&3.
The SIO2PC has been around for over 15 years has expanded to include a USB version and a Dual SIO version, none of these come with a case. I have designed cases to fit all the different boards and close with two M3x12 screws. Someone on Facebook asked me to make these cases and was […]
I felt there was room for improvement in the cases available for the SDrive-MAX, so I used it as an opportunity to learn TinkerCAD, Cura, OctoPrint and 3D Printing.
A case for the MIDIMATE compatible SIO2MIDI from Mytek
I designed a couple of cases that look like standard Atari carts but they fit the Ultimate Cart PCB.