Now and then I get the opportunity to do something for the Atari 8Bit community. I try to help out whenever the opportunity arises. Here is the collection of things I have done for Atari 8Bit computers or the Retro computing scene.

A small board to swap out the Atari 8bit OS chip with a larger one that has 4 choosable OS's on it.
Back in 2017 I was teaching myself how to draw in modern illustration software. I chose Affinity Designer because Adobe illustrator is only available as a subscription and “software as a service” is a business model that needs to die in a fire. I decided to draw retro computers and peripherals as these are the […]
I designed this cart storage module for my limited cart collection, it’s handy for sitting next to my computer when playing. I sized the holes just big enough to fit the AVG cart so it will hopefully also fit SIDE 2. Normal carts obviously fit fine as well. The back has a matching angle to […]
I have generated some (387) Truetype fonts from original bitmaps from Atari 8-Bit computers. These were created by very very talented people many many years ago. Ripped by hackers lost to the mists of time. Collected by archivists for future generations, now massaged by me.
A little while ago tmp on AtariAge messaged me and asked if I would help him to update the label for his SD card based multicart, the awesome AVG Cart. Far from being “Average”, this cart is the best SD based cart available for the Atari 8-Bit; similar in design to the Ultimate cart, but […]
I am attempting to recreate every cartridge label ever made for the Atari 8bit series of computers. I have a significant number now done, but many more mostly 3rd party ones still to go.
I made an updated version of the Facebook Group "Atari 8-Bit Computers" group cover
A couple of small PCB's that interface Arcade Joysticks and up to three Fire buttons + two pinball flippers to the Atari 8-bit and VCS
The Multijoy is a device to allow you to plug up to 16 joysticks into an Atari 8-bit computer with just 2 joystick ports.
A case for the MIDIMATE compatible SIO2MIDI from Mytek
I reproduced a 1980's T-shirt for a couple of archivists I follow on Twitter.
Atari 'Big Box' Pascal Boxart. The header for Bill Lange's "Inside Atari Pascal" Blog
Boxart and Cart label for a limited run of Platoterm Carts
This is an interesting thing. Back in October 2016, AtariAge member farago posted a photo of a wall chart he had had on his wall for many years and said it came from “The Computer Center” in Connecticut, indeed it has their copyright message in the bottom right corner. The reason I say it’s interesting […]
RetroPie is the script that makes installing and configuring RetroArch and other emulators onto a Raspberry Pi easier for non linux people, over time the developers behind it have also made some changes to the software that RetroPie packages and expanded to other SBC’s and even intel PC’s, it has become quite a nice way […]
I felt there was room for improvement in the cases available for the SDrive-MAX, so I used it as an opportunity to learn TinkerCAD, Cura, OctoPrint and 3D Printing.
I designed a couple of cases that look like standard Atari carts but they fit the Ultimate Cart PCB.
Small PCB that allows an SDrive-MAX to coexist on the SIO bus with other devices.