Now and then I get the opportunity to do something for the Atari 8Bit community. I try to help out whenever the opportunity arises. Here is the collection of things I have done for Atari 8Bit computers or the Retro computing scene.

I have recently got a 3D printer and am learning to design stuff to print, here you will find all those things.
Not so much art as graphic design, I’ve drawn a bunch of stuff for the retro computing community and am now regularly asked to do something special for projects people are developing. Here you will find my collection of repro cartridge labels, over 300 truetype fonts, posters, cover art etc. that I’ve produced for the […]
I’ve been getting into PCB design and electronics recently, here is where you will find documentation and links to all the hardware I’ve made or contributed to in some way.
WARNING: Top-down programming ahead! If I’ve written some code that does something worth sharing, you’ll find it here. All my code is open source and is currently most likely to be in Atari BASIC or Python3.