Now and then I get the opportunity to do something for the Atari 8Bit community. I try to help out whenever the opportunity arises. Here is the collection of things I have done for Atari 8Bit computers or the Retro computing scene.

A small board to swap out the Atari 8bit OS chip with a larger one that has 4 choosable OS's on it.
I designed this cart storage module for my limited cart collection, it's handy for sitting next to my computer when playing. I sized the holes just big enough to fit the AVG cart so it will hopefully also fit SIDE 2&3.
The SIO2PC has been around for over 15 years has expanded to include a USB version and a Dual SIO version, none of these come with a case. I have designed cases to fit all the different boards and close with two M3x12 screws. Someone on Facebook asked me to make these cases and was […]
I've created a Raspberry Pi OS Lite image with everything already configured. Just write the image to a micro SD card, change the WIFI settings and put it in your Raspberry Pi
A couple of small PCB's that interface Arcade Joysticks and up to three Fire buttons + two pinball flippers to the Atari 8-bit and VCS
The Multijoy is a device to allow you to plug up to 16 joysticks into an Atari 8-bit computer with just 2 joystick ports.
A case for the MIDIMATE compatible SIO2MIDI from Mytek
I felt there was room for improvement in the cases available for the SDrive-MAX, so I used it as an opportunity to learn TinkerCAD, Cura, OctoPrint and 3D Printing.
I designed a couple of cases that look like standard Atari carts but they fit the Ultimate Cart PCB.
Small PCB that allows an SDrive-MAX to coexist on the SIO bus with other devices.