Voyage Through Time 1
1 Million BC

While walking along Wall Street one day, a Chartered Accountant stumbled into the middle of a freak occurence. He accidently fell into a hole in the space-time continuum, causing him to be sent back to One Million B.C. Your mission is to travel back to One Million B.C. and get this "refugee in time" to fall into another space-time portal causing him to be transported back to his proper time period, i.e. the present.
Voyage through time is a game that puts you in control of a Time Fighter Jet. The Jet has been sent back in time to complete missions that will ensure the proper course of history as we know it. Unlike most video games, there is no scoring, either you complete a mission or you don't. Prepare for a challenge, as you are about to be sent back into time on two very dangerous missions.

Please note that "Voyage Through Time" is not an easy game! It takes some practice before you are able to put the Jet through its paces. Please persevere! Once you get the hang of it, you will find this great two part adven- ture to be addicting with its colorful animation effects and its smooth playing action.

Pushing the joystick left and right steers the plane around the screen. Pulling back on the joystick causes the jet to go through a 180 degree loop. Because your bottom is facing the screen after the first loop your left and right joystick control appears to be reversed. You must think of yourself as being in the cockpit. If your bottom is facing the screen, just pull back on the joystick to do another loop and you will now be flying cockpit side towards the screen. To fire a missle just press the fire button (the missle appears on the tip of your plane) and then let go of the button.

When you first begin playing, it might take a while to get used to flying the jet. For this reason, there is a special "hidden" feature in this game. At any time you can press CTRL and ESCAPE to give your jet three lives. This option will be changed back to the normal one life whenever you enter the option screen. However, you can press CTRL and ESC while in the option screen and press START to start the game with three lives. These three lives are only for your Jet and the game will still end as soon as the refugee gets killed.

The refugee is the little man standing on a raft at the bottom of the screen waving at you. If you shoot the man, you actually energize him to protect him from the monsters he faces. To move him when he is on his raft, shoot the water beside him and if you hit close enough the wave will move the raft. You must move him to the right towards land.

When eventually you get him to wash up on shore he will start running on his own across the path and down the ladder as the scenery scrolls by. He then runs away from the ladder and stops in front of the big cave in the side of the volcano. The procedure is more or less the same to get him to move. You must hit the ground beside him (which stirs up a little dust) and he will run away. Although you don't have to hit the ground as close to him as you had to hit the water, after a bit of running away he starts to run back towards the cave where he will again stop. So you must keep hitting the ground behind him to keep him running to the right.

The space-time portal is invisible, but it is near the right hand side of the screen. When the refugee gets to the right side of the screen, first your Jet disappears as it is transported back to the time and place it came from, and then the refugee is sent back to his own time. The mission is then completed.

This may sound real easy, but wait until you try it! There are also four obstacles which occur randomly that you must overcome.