0° Nord

An old book from a dusty library cupboard of a friend of yours somehow has appealed to you and caught your attention. It tells about the adventures of Scott, the North Pole explorer. Not only does it tell how Scott had to pay with his life for all his research, but it also mentions a precious treasure that he left behind in the "perma-ice".

Legend or truth?

Fascinated by the thought you gather further information, you find more documents about Scott's expedition and the results leave no doubt: the treasure actually exists.

Determined to defy all dangers, to face perma-ice and snow storms, you dare take on the risk of surviving the adventure in the snow, searching for the way to the North Pole and looking for the treasure. But already in your home town you discover information that .....

Put on something warm! That is the motto of everyone who is willing to undertake the difficult expedition into the land of permanent ice. Good nerves, instincts/flair and power of deduction are necessary to master this adventure in the snow. Are you daring enough?


Already at home, all the signs indicate that the task is more difficult than it initially appeared....

Loading instructions

Insert the game diskette with the "A" side facing upwards into drive 1 and switch on the computer.

For further instructions, please refer to the on-screen instructions.

Aim of the game

The aim of the game Is to find the treasure at the North Pole.


Movement within the adventure is by input from the keyboard.

NORD, SUED, OST, VEST, HOCH, RUNTER respectively N, S, O, V, H, R.

Commands are entered as object-verb combinations, e.g. SCHACHTEL NEHMEN,

Sometimes it is necessary to enter the article as well, e.g. DIE TUER OEFFNEN.

SEHEN hows all objects that are available in the immediate environment.

INVENTUR or I shows all items that are carried.

If <RETURN> appears, press the RETURN button to continue.

This game offers the possibility to save the score or to continue later.

To do this, enter SPIEL LADEN or SPIEL SPEICHERN and follow the instructions on the screen.

We hope you enjoy this dangerous adventure.
Zeilpunkt 0° Nord
This version has different graphics which were drawn by Armin Stuermer.
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