Things to do with your Atari Computer

Dilithium Press πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ 1983

Are you trying to decide whether the ATARI is the right personal computer for you? Or have you already started to explore the exciting world of microcomputing the ATARI opens to you? Whatever your needs and interests β€” entertainment, education, business β€” whatever your questions, you'll find them answered in this expert yet easy-to-understand-and-use guide to currently available hardware and software for the ATARI. Here is all the information you want β€” as well as up-to-date prices and ratings β€” on:

  • Video games
  • Music and art programs
  • The computer as teacher
  • Programming and computer languages
  • Home finances and record keeping
  • Telecommunications and networking
  • Word processing
  • Business applications
  • Accessories you can buy
  • And much, much more
  • The material in this book is applicable to the two older ATARI models, the 400 and 800, as well as to the four new models, the 600XL, 800XL, 1400XL, and 1450XLD.