The Software Finder

Dresden πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ 1983

Welcome to Issue 2 of the third volume of what was previously SCHOOL MICROWARE DIRECTORY. We apologize for the name change, as such things can sometimes be confusing, but it really was necessary. We were experiencing something of an identity crisis: First, it was not clear to a lot of people what was meant by MICROWARE - whether it referred to software, hardware, or some other "ware". Furthermore, the word DIRECTORY also has a lot of connotations. Many people thought that it referred to a dealer catalog, and therefore should be free, nice if you can get it, but totally unaffordable from our standpoint! So, we've decided to bite the bullet and change our name. We hope that you like it.

THE SOFTWARE FINDER (TSF) is the most comprehensive listing available of school- and college-oriented educational software for popular microcomputers. It is published semiannually in the fall and spring. Many unique features have been incorporated in this volume, all designed to make TSF more useful to our readers.