Service Manual
810 Disk Drive, Rev.01

Atari, Inc. πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ 1980

  1. Uses ANSI standard 5ΒΌ inch diskettes in a soft sectored format.
  2. 40 tracks at 48 TPI track density.
  3. Single density (FM), single sided recording.
  4. Over 90K bytes storage per diskette.
  5. 709 sectors of 128 bytes each.
  6. Minimum data access time: 236 milliseconds.
  7. Average data transfer rate: 6000 bits per second.
  8. Automatic stand-by capability (built in microprocessor).
  9. Up to four Drives can be daisy chained to a single 400/800 Computer Console (w/minimum 16K RAM) via select switches at the rear of the Drive.
  10. Drives directly interface with the ATARI 400/800 Computer Console (16K RAM) or indirectly through the ATARI 850 Interface Module or 820 Printer.

The ATARI 400/800 Computer Console with 16K of RAM installed connects directly to the 810 Floppy Disk Drive. The Drive may also be daisy chained through the 820 Printer or the 850 Interface Module. Up to four Disk Drives can be connected to a single Console.

Refer to the Disk Drive Operators Manual for installation and operating instructions.