Programmer's Reference Guide for the Atari 400-800 Computers

Sams πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ 1984

Programmer's Reference Guide for the ATARI 400/800 Computers

  • Introduces some of the fundamental concepts of BASIC language
  • Provides a ready reference for the ATARI BASIC commands
  • Discusses the 8 different screen modes and their 21 variations
  • Features the enhanced animation package (player/missile/graphics)
  • Covers the flexible I/O system
  • Describes the memory mop
  • Contains the 6502 instruction set
  • Covers the numbering system
    • Hexadecimal-to-decimal conversion
    • Decimal-to-hexadecimal conversion
    • Binary-to-decimal conversion
  • Lists ATARI BASIC reserved words and tokens
  • Gives ATARI character codes
  • Features the ATARI keyboard codes
  • Lists the error code numbers and their general interpretations

The information contained in this book is organized so the user can efficiently locate facts and application notes I I