Picture This! An Introduction to Computer Graphics

Addison-Wesley 🇺🇸 1982

PICTURE THIS! explores the wonderful possibilities of teaching kids from ages 6-60 how to use the home computer. A remarkable combination of two modem educational tools, PILOT and Turtle Geometry, makes it possible to solve problems, create pictures, and invent games on your Atari home computer. PILOT is a powerful computer language that is simpler than BASIC and allows kids to talk with the computer. Turtle Geometry makes it possible for kids to create pictures in full color with a myriad of designs. This imaginative book, with the help of your Atari home computer and a PILOT cartridge (incorporating Turtle Geometry), is the modem replacement for coloring books and crayons.


  • will let you use the Atari 400/800 computer as a valuable teaching tool at home or school
  • shows you how to use the simple, but power-packed, language PILOT—without the detail found in other computer languages
  • examines the possibilities for problem solving, creating pictures, or inventing games, all on the Atari home computer
  • features a step-by-step approach which integrates projects throughout for constant learning reinforcement
  • is the complete programming and graphics guide—from the flick of the Atari switch, to hands-on computing, to painting flowers and shapes of all types

If you are young, or young at heart, and want to discover what this computer craze is all about, this book designs the path to proper computer use. PICTURE THIS! offers the joy of learning-by-doing for everyone. What has emerged is a remarkable and rare contribution, a book that makes the conquest of computing the adventurous fun it ought to be.