Owner's Manual
XM301 Modem With XE Term

Atari, Inc. ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ 1985

Your ATARI XM301 Modem and XE Term communications program transform your ATARI Computer into a powerful communications station that links you to an almost infinite variety of information resources. Databases, business and financial services, bulletin board systems, and even other personal computers are all available to you through your XM301 Modem.

How do you link up with another computer or information system? Easy-just type in the correct phone number that connects you to the other system. Your modem and communications software handle the rest for you. Once you have your modem set up, you have instant access to the Atari Bulletin Board System and a free online tutorial from The Source.

Your XM301 Modem is the hardware that links your ATARI Computer to another computer system through the telephone lines. The word โ€œmodemโ€ is a shortened form of the words MOdulation and DEModulation which describe how your modem transfers the digital electrical signals used by the computer to the analog signals used by the telephone. The XE Term communications program is the software that makes your modem โ€œsmartโ€, giving it the intelligence to understand and manipulate the information into a form you can use.

Included Software