Owner's Manual
XEP80 Interface Module

Atari, Inc. πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ 1987

Meet the ATARI XEP80 Interface Module

The ATARI XEP80 Interface Module lets you display a full 80 columns across your monitor screen. When connected to your ATARI XE, XL, 400, or 800 Computer system, the XEP80 Module provides a 256-character wide by 25-line high display window. Up to 80 characters are displayed horizontally at once, and you can scroll horizontally all the way to the 256th character, depending on the application you're running.

The XEP80 Module interprets commands from the computer for screen display or output to a printer. The XEP80 Handler program supplied on disk automatically loads into the computer during booting, providing the means for the module and computer to work together. The module is supplied with an industry-standard parallel port so you can connect a parallel printer to your ATARI Computer system.

XEP80-Compatible Software

The XEP80 Module displays 80 columns when the program that is running, such as the ATARI BASIC program, uses the standard screen call (E:). Most commercial applications programs manipulate screen RAM directly (enabling sophisticated graphics display); these programs are incompatible with the XEP80. However, ATARI BASIC, ATARI DOS, and many other programs use the screen "legally," and are compatible with the XEP80 Module.

New programs are under development and many popular applications programs are currently being revised to take advantage of the ATARI XEP80 Interface Module. Contact their manufacturers for more information and to request updated XEP80 compatible versions.