Owner's Manual
XE System

Atari, Inc. 🇺🇸 1987

Welcome to the ATARI XE Game System!

The ATARI XE game system is made for you, the serious game player. Its expansive memory capability (64 kilobytes) easily handles the most exciting and complicated games with a variety of great action features. And you can control the game any way you want—with a joystick, Trak-Ball light gun, mouse, or from the keyboard. The XE comes with two game controller ports so you can share the fun with a friend (or opponent).

The XE game system starts you out with Missile Command, its own built-in game. As a bonus, the system also contains the programming language ATARI BASIC in ROM, its permanent memory. With the XE keyboard connected to your system, you can access BASIC and begin writing your own computer programs.

Once you become familiar with your XE, you’ll want to expand your system with a number of peripherals. By attaching a disk drive you’ll be able to store the programs you write with BASIC, or the documents you create with other programs. Adding a printer or modem to your system lets you publish your work and take advantage of outside databases, bulletin boards, and other computers. And don’t forget the large library of cartridge, disk, and cassette games available to you once you have the add-ons.

The ATARI XE game system is compatible with most software and hardware from both the ATARI XE and ATARI XL computer lines.