Owner's Manual
XDM121 Letter-Quality Daisy-Wheel Printer

Atari, Inc. 🇺🇸 1986


Your ATARI XDM121 produces letter-quality printing from your ATARI Personal Computer system. The daisy wheel rotates to print fully formed characters— just like those you’d get from a high-quality office typewriter. At home or in the office, it’s the ideal printer for word-processing applications that require legibility and style.

Sophisticated features such as boldface printing, underlining, subscripts, superscripts, and an international character set will greatly enhance your written work. The bidirectional, logic-seeking printing method eliminates wasteful mechanical movement, thereby allowing greater printing speed (12 characters per second). The printer offers an array of tabbing controls and page-length options and can store these format commands in its memory. Its control panel includes three built-in functions, yet it remains uncomplicated and is a snap to use.