Owner's Manual
XC12 Program Recorder

Atari, Inc. πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ 1986

Plug one end of the data cord into the jack labeled PERIPHERAL on the rear of your ATARI Home Computer.

Turn on your television and computer. The television screen will display a READY prompt.

Insert the program cassette in the program recorder.

If you’re using a prerecorded cassette, rewind the tape to its beginning and continue with step 1.

If you are using your own cassette program, find the program you want on the tape by pressing either REWIND or ADVANCE. Use the tape counter to locate the program (providing you previously made note of its location).

  1. Type CLOAD and press RETURN. You'll hear a beep from the computer to remind you to press PLAY on the program recorder.
  2. After pressing the PLAY button on the program recorder, press the RETURN key again on the computer console. The cassette tape will start turning and your computer will load the program into its memory.
  3. If you get an Error 143 or Error 138 message on your television screen during a loading procedure, your tape leader (the non magnetized strip wound ahead of the actual recording tape) may be too long. As a result, the computer may be trying to read data where none exists. Rewind the tape to the beginning, then advance it approximately 10 counts. Now begin the loading procedure again.

  4. When the tape stops, your program has been fully loaded from the cassette to the computer. The television screen will display a READY prompt.
  5. To run the program you've loaded into the the computer type RUN and press RETURN.