Owner's Manual
SX212 Modem

Atari, Inc. πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ 1987

The ATARI SX212 Modem is a high-speed telecomputing device that allows you and your computer to communicate with a rapidly expanding world of online information resources.

The SX212 offers a host of advanced features that ensures fast, easy connection to the phone lines and direct, multispeed communication with timesharing services, bulletin board systems, information networks, or other personal computer owners.

The SX212 Modem is compatible with the Bell 103 and 212A industry standards. That means it operates at 75-300 or 1200 bits per second (bps), automatically configuring itself to the operating speed of the modem it’s communicating with.

You can use the SX212 to dial a call from your computer keyboard or to automatically answer calls placed by another modem. It operates with Touch-Tone and pulse (rotary) dialing systems.

Among the SX212’s key features are:

  • Hayes AT command-set compatibility
  • Built-in speaker with adjustable volume for call monitoring
  • RS232 and ATARI SIO port interfaces
  • Auto-dial and auto-answer capabilities
  • Bell 103 and 212A compatibility (300 and 1200 bps operation)