Owner's Manual
65XE Personal Computer

Atari, Inc. ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ 1984

The Right Computer for the Task at Hand

Welcome to the world of home computing. Your new ATARI 65XE is one of the most powerful and versatile small computers you can buy for your home.

Its 64K RAM memory, full-stroke keyboard, sound and graphics capabilities, and an array of compatible software programs and hardware accessories make the ATARI 65XE the perfect computer for entertainment, educational, and business uses. And with the built-in ATARI BASIC programming language, you can begin immediately to write your own computer programs.

This manual is arranged for easy access to the information you need, whether you are a beginning or an advanced programmer. Part 1 shows you how to set up your ATARI 65XE Computer, check whether itโ€™s functioning properly, use the keyboard, load software cartridges, and expand the system by adding peripheral devices.

Part 2 is an introductory lesson in BASIC programming. If you already know how to program, you can go directly to the sample programs and reference materials in Part 3. However, the beginning programmer should work through the lessons. Your ATARI 65XE has many applications, and understanding its built-in language will make your computer more fun and more useful.

Once you have the ATARI 65XE set up and working, look at the Resources section of the manual. Youโ€™ll find that there are unlimited resources for the ATARI Computer owner โ€” from books and programs to users groups and magazines. You will find a whole realm of new activities to do with your ATARI Computer.