Owner's Guide
800XL Home Computer, Rev.A

Atari, Inc. πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ 1983

Whether you want to set up a domestic office or host your own video game tournament, the versatile ATARI 800XL Home Computer fits the bill. The hefty 64K RAM memory gives you the power to perform a myriad assortment of useful tasks. Using just the console and your television, you can write and edit on the screen, create art and attractive graphics, and program with ATARI BASIC, a built-in, all-purpose computer language. The full- stroke, low-profile keyboard is set up like a typewriter, but with added practical features such as special function keys and a HELP key when you need extra information in a program.

Your computer gives you access to the large family of ATARI products, including over 2,000 software programs. A copy of the latest ATARI catalog is packed with the console. With the right peripherals and programs, you can compose music, communicate with other ATARI owners, balance your budget, learn a foreign language, or follow the stock market.

In the following pages you'll learn how easy it is to connect the computer to your television, and how simple it is to operate once it's turned on.