Owner's Guide
400 Computer System - The Basic Computer, Rev.2

Atari, Inc. 🇺🇸 1980

Not long ago, computers were large, complicated to use and priced well beyond the reach of most people. Today, you own a computer that's small, affordable and easy to use. In fact, you don't even need to know programming to enjoy your ATARI 400 Personal Computer, because dozens of programs are already available. Educational and game programs, personal development programs, and many more, let you begin using your computer as soon as you unpack it. Simply insert a cartridge or cassette, press a few keys, and your computer is programmed to play a game, help you learn foreign languages and other subjects, or perform time-saving tasks such as mortgage and loan analysis.

This booklet tells you how to install your ATARI 400 computer in ten easy steps. All you need to do is install the TV Switch Box, connect the computer console to your TV set, plug it into the wall and insert a cartridge. The only tool you'll need is a regular screwdriver.

You'll want one of the specially priced kits described on the next page to go along with your computer. Or you can choose from the many other ATARI programs and games available for your computer. If you didn’t pick up any of these at the store, you should consider going back to get one because your computer needs programs, games, game controllers and possibly other components to go to work for you.