Owner's Guide
1030 Modem with Modemlink

Atari, Inc. 🇺🇸 1983

Welcome to the fascinating world of telecommunications. Your ATARI 1030 Direct-Connect Modem with its built-in ModemLink telecommunications program places an almost infinite variety of information resources—worldwide databases, educational networks, business and financial services—at your command.

A telephone call connects your ATARI Home Computer to information utilities where you can shop, play interactive computer games, make airline reservations. ... Send and receive electronic mail. ... Or make new friends on any of the hundreds of local bulletin board systems operated by home computer owners like yourself. ...All from the comfort of your home.

This owner’s guide provides easy-to-follow setup procedures for the ATARI 1030 Direct-Connect Modem, plus instructions for loading ModemLink into your computer and dialing a call from your computer keyboard. You’ll also find descriptions of the HELP features that make ModemLink convenient to use, answers to many frequently asked questions, and helpful definitions that will start any beginner on the way to becoming an expert in data communications. Also included—for use once you’ve become an “expert"—are the American Standard Code for Information Interchange (ASCII) characters that allow you to redefine your computer’s output.

Included Software