Operator's Manual
850 Interface Module

Atari, Inc. πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ 1982

This manual contains installation instructions for both the ATARI 850 Interface Module and the ATARI 830 Acoustic Modem,

The ATARI 850 Interface Module is a valuable addition to your ATARI Home Computer System, The four ports on the side of the interface module (marked SERIAL INTERFACE) are RS-232-C compatible. RS-232-C is a computer industry standard. This means that the interface module can be used to connect a variety of peripheral items, including the ATARI 830 Acoustic Modem.

The end port, marked PARALLEL INTERFACE, is used to connect an ATARI 825 80-Column Printer.

The modem is your connection with the "outside world" Used with the interface module, it allows your ATARI Home Computer to communicate wilh other ATARI Home Computers or with various time-shared computer systems.