Operator's Manual
825 80-Column Printer

Atari, Inc. 🇺🇸 1980

Your ATARI 825 80-Column Printer is a dot matrix impact printer that can print lines up to 8 inches long in three different character sets. The printer operates under complete control of your ATARI 400 or ATARI 800 Personal Computer System or other compatible host device. The computer must be programmed to instruct the printer what to do. The printer recognizes 19 different control codes generated by the computer. These codes and the printer functions they initiate are summarized in Table 2 and discussed in the section, “Computer-Generated Codes for Printer Control”.

In addition to your ATARI Personal Computer System, the ATARI 850 Interface Module is required for operation of the ATARI 825 Printer* The Interface Module converts the Input/Output (I/O) protocol serial data from the computer into 7-bit parallel data for operation of the ATARI 825 Printer. The Printer interface connection pin assignments are given in Table A-2 in the Appendix.

The Interface Module also provides four RS232C serial ports for connection of an ATARI 830 Modem and other RS232C-compatible peripheral devices.