Operator's Manual
810 Disk Drive

Atari, Inc. πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ 1979

NOTE: Please take time to carefully study the contents of this manual before attempting to connect or use your new ATARI 810 Disk Drive and Diskettes!

Your new ATARI 810 Disk Drive is a record/ playback device that allows you to store and retrieve large amounts of computer data quickly and accurately. The actual recording is much like a tape recording process, and is done on similar material. However the oxide material on which the data is magnetically recorded is applied on a 514-inch diameter diskette instead of on mylar tape. The diskette is contained in a fairly stiff jacket with openings in it for the read/record heads, and this entire package is inserted through a door in the front panel of the drive unit. One to four drives may be used simultaneously with a single ATARI 800 Personal Computer with a minimum of 16K of RAM memory installed. Each diskette can store 88K bytes of programs and/or data, but on the master disk about 8K of this is used by the control software and operating system. Preprogrammed and blank diskettes are available from your ATARI dealer.

Included Software