Matilda the Computer Cat

Prentice-Hall 🇺🇸 1984

Matilda the Computer Cat is delightful! Your child will immediately fall in love with Matilda and enjoy the various predicaments and adventures—everything from lost kitten mittens to chasing mice for dinner—that take place on the computer screen.

Claire Bailey Passantino has once more created an environment that encourages your child to explore the magic of your home computer. Matilda’s story unfolds through bit-sized programs and activities designed to excite young eyes, ears and minds. Each program is accompanied by programming hints and suggestions for parents and teachers.

Help your child leam, grow and play—the computer way—with Matilda.

Some of the activities in Matilda include:

Meet Matilda ★ Our Song ★ A New Rug! ★ Fleas! ★ The Cat’s Pajamas ★ Lost Mittens ★ Cat Heritage ★ A Merry Chase ★ Final Exam ★ A New Career