Itty Bitty Bytes of Space

Prentice-Hall 🇺🇸 1984

SPACE— an endless source of fascination for us all. Children, however, have the imagination to project themselves into orbit as effortlessly as they learn to talk. Now, ITTY BITTY BYTES OF SPACE encourages your child to explore the magic of space with the help of your home computer. Young readers are presented with bite-size programs and activities designed to excite their eyes, ears, and minds. Each program is accompanied by programming hints and suggestions for parents and teachers. Help your children learn, grow, and play— the computer way!

Table of Contents: A Note to Parents and Teachers • Passing the Test • Gravity • Test Your Spacecraft • Take Off • Count the Stars • A Stellar Sight • Music from Mother Earth • Make Your Own Kind of Music • What Is It? • Who Is It? • Hit or Miss? • Nighty Night! • Good Morning! • Meteors • How Much Fuel? • Space Sketch • Happy Landing! • Final Report • The Race for Space • Break the Code