Get More From The Atari

Granada 🇬🇧 1983

The ATARI is one of the most sophisticated micros available. It is exceptionally well designed, and both the ATARI 400 and 800 are well established and free from the faults that plague many machines. Plenty of software is available, not only for games but also for educational and business purposes, and the ATARI offers superb colour and excellent sound on three channels. Really stunning visual displays and sound effects can be achieved.

Though it has always had a justifiably high reputation as a games machine, the ATARI'S remarkable capabilities have rarely been set out in a suitable way for beginners who want to program the machine themselves. Here at last is a book which enables you to get more from the ATARI 400 or 800 than you would ever have imagined possible. It shows you how to program, how to create your own special effects and how to get the most from the ATARI'S remarkable range of facilities. Learning is made easy, enjoyable and fascinating.