Games For Your Atari

Virgin Books 🇬🇧 1983

Your computer is waiting to challenge you. Moving graphics games, brain stretchers, word games and puzzles are all here and ready to entertain you.

A wide variety of games are included in this book. The programs have been written by some of the most talented young programmers working in this country at the moment, and represent a variety of approaches to solving programming problems.

An examination of the listings should teach you many tricks and techniques to apply to your own programm¬ ing. And once you have mastered the programs in their present form, you might want to try your hand at improv¬ ing them. There is no such thing as a' perfect program', so these games are sure to benefit from your programming skill.

All that now remains is for you to turn the page and enter the programs. I can only hope that you enjoy play¬ ing the games as much as we did when preparing this volume.

Tim Hartnell, series editor