Dr. C. Wacko's Miracle Guide to Designing and Programming Your Own Atari Computer Arcade Games

Addison-Wesley 🇺🇸 1983

Mastering Pac Man™ isn't much solace if you're a real computer gamer. What you really want to know is how to write your own Pac Mans. And now, for the first time ever, Dr. C. Wacko, world- renowned games programmer, tells all! From the necessary elements that shape any arcade game to the special programming tricks that can make your games sizzle, Dr. Wacko explains everything Atari® BASIC programmers need to create their own blockbusters.

What's more, the kindly Doctor gives you, absolutely free and without obligation, never-before- published programs that make designing and programming your games a snap! And some fiendishly difficult games designed by Wacko himself.

Enter the wacked-out world of Dr. Wacko and friends and you'll discover:

  • Inside tips on designing arcade games that will turn humdrum ideas into bestsellers
  • Essential programming techniques that mold your game into surefire winners.
  • Top-notch programs to start you on your way to arcade game fame and fortune.
  • Much, much more

Caution: This book is fun and can be read by anyone who knows a little Atari® BASIC.