Computers for People

Dilithium Press 🇺🇸 1982

How can you use a computer in your home, your school or your office? How can you select a computer that Is right for you? Jerry Willis and Merl Miller help you answer these questions in COMPUTERS FOR PEOPLE

COMPUTERS FOR PEOPLE is fun to read, yet informative. It describes the many uses of computers— for home applications, for communicating with large computer services, for educational applications, and for business and professional purposes. It introduces you to new ideas like electronic mail, word processing and educational simulation.

Once you identify how you want to use a computer, COMPUTERS FOR PEOPLE provides seven easy steps to help you buy a computer to meet your needs. In addition, learn what features might be important to you for your area of use before you buy.

COMPUTERS FOR PEOPLE also introduces you to consumer electronics and its terminology. Jerry and Merl also tell you about other sources of information.

Sound like a lot? COMPUTERS FOR PEOPLE can assist you in getting started in the right direction. It was written with you in mind to understand and enjoy.