Computer Tutor

Little Brown πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ 1983

Now everyone can learn how to use the ATARI series of home computers for more than just playing games. This exciting and entertaining collection of educational computer programs is designed for parehts to introduce their children to the rewards of computing. Using easy-to-learn techniques, parents can experiment with suggestions for modifying and personalizing their own family programs, while youngsters sharpen their math and vocabulary skills, learn the metric system, and even get a taste of portfolio management by "playing the stock market." At the same time, both parents and children will begin an invaluable lifelong education in computer literacy

The twenty-five programs use linear, branching, and simulation techniques for such games as:

Capitals of Nations β€’ Story Teller β€’ Story Writer β€’ Guess the Numbers β€’ Synonyms/Antonyms β€’ Acceleration β€’ Guess the Word β€’ Testjutor β€’ Ballistics β€’ Math Tutor β€’ Time, Distance, and β€’ Car Wash β€’ Math Word Problems β€’ Velocity β€’ Check-Out Counter β€’ Memory Test -Letters β€’ Too High - Too Low β€’ Stock Market β€’ Memory Test -Numbers β€’ Trivia Quiz β€’ Teach Me β€’ Scrambled Words β€’ Factor Game β€’ Spelling Quiz β€’ Math Teacher Metrics

Since program listings are given both in ATARI BASIC and Microsoft BASIC, the programs will run on all ATARI Home Computer models and configurations, either cassette or disk. The book also includes an appendix β€” complete with program examples β€” which shows how to add exciting sound and color graphics to the programs to enhance the interactive learning process.