COMPUTE's Atari Collection Vol 1

Small System Services πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ 1985

Whether you've had an Atari for years, or just bought one of the newer XL models, you'll find COMPUTE!'S Atari Collection, Volume I full of useful, never-before-published articles and programs.

There are games and educational programs to entertain and challenge, tutorials that illustrate BASIC programming techniques, and applications that turn your computer into a management tool.

The editors of COMPUTE! have collected the best original programs and articles from more than two dozen experienced Atari programmers. High-quality programs and clearly written articles β€” both hallmarks of COMPUTE! Publications β€” will show you just what your Atari can do.

Here's a sample of what's inside:

  • "Nessie," a nonviolent game where you try to photograph the elusive Loch Ness monster,
  • Utilities which make it easy to catalog disks or locate programs on tape.
  • "Reversi" and "Memory Match," thinking games that probe your logic while you have fun.
  • "Diskovery," to help you explore your disks, sector by sector.
  • Programs for children that teach and entertain.
  • Editors to help you create sounds and songs for that special program.
  • "Investment Tracker," a data base program that stores and analyzes your investments.
  • Joystick routines you can add to any program.
  • An introduction to PEEK and POKE, with numerous practical examples.
  • And "The Automatic Proofreader," which helps you correctly type in programs.

It's been almost a year since COMPUTE! Publications released a new Atari book. Now, with its all-original programs and articles, and with something for both experienced and beginning Atari users, COMPUTE!'s Atari Collection, Volume 1 offers a new and detailed look at your favorite computer's power and flexibility.