The Book of Atari Software 1983

Arrays πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ 1983

THE BOOK OF ATARI SOFTWARE is the one book that is indispensable to all owners or would-be owners of Atari Computers.

Any computer is only as good as the software programs that run on it. Atari, long famous for superior arcade games, recently moved into the general microcomputer market in a very big way.

But what programs are available for Atari Computers? How good are they? How do they compare to other programs? How much do they cost? Is there anything special you should know about a package before you invest in it?

Here is your chance to find out quickly, easily, and at little cost!


To our knowledge, this book is one of a kind: not simply a listing of available software, it is the only one which offers a comprehensive critical analysis of each program. No other publication is devoted to providing detailed, impartial consumer reports on software applications for Atari Computers.

THE BOOK OF ATARI SOFTWARE can save you hundreds of dollars.

Each year the average Atari Computer owner will spend hundreds of dollars purchasing software programs. This book takes the guesswork out of evaluating the programs that best fill your needs.

THE BOOK OF ATARI SOFTWARE contains reviews by computer professionals.

Each evaluation is written by an expert in his or her field β€” business, education, communications, data base management, and entertainment. They know what you need in a program; and they are in a position to survey the market and compare different packages.

Does the program you need exist? What kind of support do software vendors offer their customer? What utility programs are available? Which is the best word-processing system? Do any programs help you with your taxes? Are there educational programs for pre-schoolers, or for learning languages? Is the program copyable? Which programs will help you manage your business, monitor household expenses, play the stock market, make financial projections? Which is the most powerful mailing list program on the market? Which games are exciting to play, and which are dull?