The Best of SoftSide Atari Edition

Softside πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ 1983

  • Become a fearless fighter on a Quest through a labyrinthine dungeon!
  • Become an admiral in the Battle of Leyte!
  • Spend a leisurely afternoon playing Solitaire.
  • Manage your information with Data Base.
  • Write letters with Microtext.
  • Much, much more. ..Utilities. ..Games... Adventures...

For over four years, SoftSide, "Your BASIC Software Magazine," has been bringing thousands of Apple, Atari, and TRS-80 users the best in BASIC entertainment software, as well as reviews and articles, all designed to help you get more out of your microcomputer.

Now, from SoftSide's past...we've selected the most useful...the most entertaining...the most fun-filled programs we've ever published. The Best of SoftSide offers you many hours of fun and programs of enduring value.