Awesome Games for your Atari Computer

Addison-Wesley πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ 1984

Does your brain get enough exercise? Are your wits as sharp, or your reactions as quick, as they should be? Tone up the muscles of your mind with this enthralling collection of arcade and action games, puzzles, brainteasers and competitions for your microcomputer.

Battle with GALACTIC MONSTERS and ZOMBIES IN THE SWAMP, defend yourself against a SHIP'S ATTACK, and set out on a nerve-jangling SHARK HUNT.

If you survive all that you can gamble at LAS VEGAS A GO GO and the KENTUCKY DERBY, plumb the mysteries of the BLACK BOX, and stretch your mind with intriguing board games like ONE TO FIVE, SHAKESPEARIAN SHUFFLE, and MINI MANCALA. Then, test your intellectual capabilities with VOWELS AND CONSONANTS, KEYBOARD MEMORY, and AT THE MARKET. Will you turn out to be a GENIUS AT WORK?

By now you'll be razor sharp and ready for anything, which is just as well because you are not even halfway through yet! There's even more excitement, skill and fun for you, your family, and friends. So test your reflexes and mental prowess on this extraordinary obstacle course.

What are you waiting for ... on your marks, get set ... GO!