The Atari User's Encyclopedia

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THE ATARI USER'S ENCYCLOPEDIA is the complete ready reference book that is a must for every owner of an Atari computer β€” including the 400, the 800, and the new XL machines.

This comprehensive book will answer your questions, give you "inside" information, and greatly increase your use and enjoyment of your computer. It covers every aspect of using the Atari.

  • Explains programming languages, including BASIC
  • Guides you through DOS, ATASCII, ACTIONI, etc.
  • Simplifies operating procedures
  • Describes hundreds of software packages and hardware accessories, with detailed vendor information
  • Lists publications, users' groups, and other information sources
  • Clarifies general microcomputer terminology and concepts

EASY TO USE. All entries are concise, easy to understand, and exhaustively cross- referenced to make information instantly accessible.

EASY TO READ. The Atari User's Encyclopedia covers concepts of interest to the more experienced user, but is written so clearly that even a computer novice can understand it.

ECONOMICAL. Your User's Encyclopedia will pay for itself many times over, thanks to the breadth of its information, its time-savinq programming hints, and its thorough product listings.

ESSENTIAL. Your User's Encyclopedia will be the most useful, most frequently consulted book in your computer library.

UP-TO-DATE. Covers the new XL series and the new DOS 3.01