Atari For Kids from 8 to 80

Sams πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ 1984

Dr. Michael Zabinski is the founder and president of the National Computer Camps β€” the first computer camp in the world for youngsters. E. Michael Scheck has been teaching Computer Science at the high school level for more than six years. Mr. Scheck has also written programs for private businesses using microcomputers. This book is the result of their search for a suitable text for beginners to learn programming. It's a fun book written in a light and humorous style that anyone can use at school or at home. This easy to follow book covers the most important programming concepts and quickly allows the beginner the enjoyment of writing their own programs. The reader is encouraged to try as many examples as possible, since programming is best learned by doing. Special features of this book are:

  • CHECKPOINTS for review
  • BRAIN FOOD for good learning
  • TIME OUT FOR OLD NEWS for a reminder
  • FUN TIME for recreation
  • EXPERIMENTS to try new things
  • CHALLENGES to stretch your mind
  • GAMES for your collection
  • EXERCISES for practice
  • SOLUTIONS to exercises just in case