The Atari Book of Games

McGraw-Hill 🇬🇧 1985

Here are twenty-one exciting, challenging games especially written for all ATARI models, in full color and sound. Each game is listed in its entirety with a description of the object of the game and details of how to play it. Moving graphics are featured in practically all the games. Nine Hole Golf, Treasure Island and Save the Whale all use clever graphics, while Rainbow Squash, Bobsleigh and Laser Attack exploit the ATARI'S speed. Guideline and Commando Jump test your skill and reaction times and if you want to try outsmarting the ATARI, try Capture the Quark. Tell your ATARI all about your problems with Smalltalker and it will answer you back.

These games are written in BASIC and show how much can be achieved without resorting to machine code. Not only does each program come with an explanation of how to play the game and how it works, but you are also given tips on how to personalize it for your own special use or change it as your skill improves.