Atari BASIC, XL Edition

Wiley 🇺🇸 1985

Praise for the first edition of Atari BASIC which sold over 450,000 copies!

"May be the finest introduction to BASIC programming I have ever seen." — Microcomputing

"Should turn a novice into a pro, if not overnight, then over the course of a week." — Science & Electronics

"Really top notch!" — Interface Age

"An excellent place to start. I highly recommend it." — Compute!

The XL edition of this classic shows how to adapt BASIC to Atari's brand-new, powerful XL series of microcomputers and its 400, 800, and 1200 machines.

You need no math, science, or computer background to learn to read and write Atari BASIC. Emphasizing good programming style, this self-paced, easy-to-understand guide takes you step-by-step through simple techniques for creating programs for home, school, or business applications. Lots of educational and recreational activities and exercises— featuring sound, color; graphics games and simulations— make learning easy and fun.