Atari BASIC Faster and Better

IJG, Inc. πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ 1983

Unlock the full power of BASIC in your ATARI computer! In this book you'll find new BASIC programming ideas and techniques that have never been seen in print before. With the concepts, tricks and routines in this book, you will tap unimagined powers of the BASIC language to make your programs run faster and better.

ATARI BASIC Faster and Better begins with BASIC programming subroutines, "handlers" and "shells." Then it proceeds to machine language subroutines, magic memory techniques and BASIC overlays. Secrets of string manipulation, number crunching and sorting techniques are revealed, as well as controlled data entry. Keyboard trickery, video and sound routines, and useful utilities are explained in a clear style, with new solutions to common programming problems.

This book will free you to concentrate on your application. The subroutines, utilities and USR routines can be made a part of any program, making your BASIC program faster and better. There are complete listings for all programs. A library of four ATARI diskettes with all the major routines and programs in this book can be purchased separately, so you can put the programs to work immediately.