Prentice Hall 🇺🇸 1983

This practical, easy-to-use guidebook provides a solid introduction to programming an ATARI computer in BASIC.

Complete with examples illustrated by actual photographs taken from the computer's video screen, ATARI BASIC offers a hands-on, step-by-step approach to top-down programming that will enable you to master fundamental concepts and program a computer with ease and expertise in practically no time at all.

Written for the beginning and advanced programmer alike— for self-study or classroom instruction— ATARI BASIC tells you everything vou need to know to make the most of your ATARI computer, including valuable information on:

  • low-resolution graphics
  • high-resolution graphics
  • operation of the cassette tape recorder and floppy disk drive
  • loops and arrays
  • string variables and string functions
  • how to include sound effects
  • animated graphics
  • and much more.