Atari Assembly Language Programmer's Guide

Weber Systems πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ 1986

Atari Assembly Language Programmer's Guide is written for the person who has had little or no experience with 6502 machine language (machine language and assembly language are used interchangeably) but who would like to incorporate machine language subroutines into BASIC programs as well as for the intermediate programmer. The preparation and organization of the book assumes that the reader has a working knowledge of BASIC as the book is designed to build upon that foundation. By a working knowledge we mean that the reader is familiar with FOR-NEXT Loops. PEEKS and POKES, setting up strings, etc.

As you leaf through the book, you will notice that there is a good deal of material included besides 6502 assembly language. The reason is that we want the book to be useful for readers who want to tap the unique graphics and sound capabilities of Atari Home Computers. Since many of these features are available only through machine language, we thought it appropriate to devote two chapters to graphics and sound. These chapters serve to give you the background necessary to put your new machine language programming abilities to maximum use.