The Atari 130XE Handbook

The Atari 130XE Handbook offers its readers the opportunity of harnessing the power of one of the newest and most exciting microcomputers with its advanced sound and graphics facilities.

Peter Lupton and Frazer Robinson are both professional technical authors and their clear step-by-step introduction opens the Atari 130XE to the beginner by starting with first principles and developing to explain the more advanced features and capabilities of the micro.

The wealth of hints and tips, exciting programs and applications makes the book essential reading for even the experienced programmer. There are lengthy sections on sound and graphic capabilities which are particularly impressive features of the machine.

The Atari 130XE is compatible with the older Atari 400 and 800 micros and the XL range. Although written for the XE series, the Atari 130XE Handbook is suitable for all these Atari users.