Atari 130XE Games Book

Melbourne House 🇬🇧 1985

Turn your Atari into an exciting arcade of electronic fun and thrills with the easy-to-enter ready-made programs in this book. Containing 30 different games designed to demonstrate the complete capabilities of the Atari 130XE — arcade games, strategy games and adventures are all here for you to enjoy — without the need for any complex programming skills!

Each game includes a screen photo, to illustrate exactlv what the program will look like, and the unique CHEXSUM facility, to avoid those costly typing errors.

For the benefit of more advanced programmers, there is a full outline of what each program is doing, enabling you to modify the games to suit your own specifications.

Now the best games book is available for the Atari 130XE opening the door to a fascinating new dimension of computer games, action and excitement.