Advanced Programming Techniques for the Atari

TAB Books πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ 1983

Here's a book that shows you how to understand the special characteristics of your ATARI and how to use them for all sorts of new and exciting sound and graphics effects. You can create your own character sets ... mix graphics modes ... use player/missile graphics and screen flipping ... create animated games ... understand and use interrupts ... create your own self-booting disk and cassette programs ... even enter a machine language subroutine to play music while a BASIC program is running!

If you have a good understanding of BASIC but want to go beyond the limitations it imposes, this book is the place to begin. You'll learn to manipulate your machine using professional tips and tricks perfected by an author thoroughly knowledgeable in both program design and the ATARI'S capabilities. Every program is described in detail so that you'll be able to use the illustrated techniques to begin writing your own original programs. You'll even find a listing of all ATARI memory locations used by the operating system, discover how to change their values for different programming effects, and learn how to use the disk file structure to give you control over the drive. EVERYTHING you need to become an advanced programmer, able to use all of your ATARI'S unique capabilities, is included in this outstanding sourcebook!