Advanced Atari Protection Techniques

Alpha Systems πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ 1986

The frustration of ruined software has touched every computer owner. Damaged software can wipe out days of work or leave's you unable to complete a critical job. The only reasonable insurance against such losses is to keen back-up copies.

But the critical need for back-ups is overshadowed by today's unprecedented software piracy. The duplication and exchange of copyrighted software products has cost software publishers over 800 million dollars this year alone.

Today's pirates employ increasingly resourceful means of copying and distributing copyrighted software. Pirated programs posted on electronic bulletin boards can be transmitted (often using illegal access codes on long distance carriers) around the globe.

Today's software publishers are employing increasingly sophisticated and unusual techniques to combat this problem.

This guidebook and the accompanying disk proqrams will reveal for the first time the state of the art of software protection methods and the techniques used to overcome them, it covers, in complete detail, the most complex protection schemes available today. This book covers the technical details of piracy as well as the social changes and motivations that encourage piracy. It discusses the technical aspects of the protection methods most likely to appear in the future, and provides a clear explanation of where these trends in software protection are leading.