Advanced Atari BASIC Tutorial

Sams 🇺🇸 1984

Advanced ATARI BASIC Tutorial

  • Is written specifically for owners and users of ATARI computer systems
  • Guides the reader step by step through advanced programming techniques via practical examples
  • Picks up where ATARI® BASIC Tutorial leaves off, following a progressive format— each chapter builds on knowledge gained in previous chapters
  • Concentrates on the use of the ATARI Disk Operating System (DOS) and the commands necessary for efficient advanced programming techniques
  • Helps users develop a working knowledge of the elements that make up typical data base management programs, as well as how to modify and apply these routines to the user's own programming needs
  • Contains numerous examples of debugged, self-documenting programs, including a variety of sort techniques, how to use arrays, and graphics applications of the ATARI computer systems